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TeacherEase is a Schoollnsight Student Information System that is designed for school districts that are small, medium sized, or non-public. The software is a part of the CGS (Common Goal System) that helps to run schools affordably and efficiently.

TeacherEase helps to support the traditional grading system by providing a secure, web-based online host for schools. It also provides an impeccable high quality software platform that allows organizations to implement SBL (standards based learning). The great thing about TeacherEase software is that it not only provides a good grading system, but it also supports report cards that are flexible, traditional, affordable, standards based, and printable.

This Schoollnsight Student Information System is designed in a way that allows you to add as many modules as you can handle.

Some of the modules that you can add to TeacherEase software include online registration, Longitudinal Data Analysis, advanced scheduling, health records, financial management, discipline, Enterprise Parent Communications, Lunch, and Enterprise Data Access.

The TeacherEase software was founded in the year 2001 and its headquarters are in Elmhurst, Illinois. Instructions in the classroom can now be differentiated thanks to TeacherEase software.

The website of this schoollnsight student information system supports various languages in order to accommodate international users from all over the world. Some of the languages that TeacherEase supports include polish, english, portuguese, spanish.

Due to its unique nature, TeacherEase is recommended for use in the following industries education management, higher education, e-learning, primary education, secondary education, and religious institutions.



TeacherEase software provides tools that allows teachers to compile all their wok in one area. Teachers can classify classes, attendance, exams, learning objectives, and grades in separate areas so that they can manage their tasks easily and track the performance of their students.


As a teacher, you can access the software from devices such as an iPhone, iPad, tablet, Android device, laptop, or desktop.


The most unique feature about TeacherEase is its gradebook. The gradebook allows the teacher to put the grades of their students in the gradebook and track their performance. A teacher can also add another teacher in the gradebook. This mostly works when two teachers are co-teaching a number of students.

User friendliness

The Schoollnsight Student Information System is not only very easy to use, but also incredibly efficient to the teachers. TeacherEase makes teachers more resourceful by helping them handle and manage their tasks more easily.


  • The gradebook feature allows teachers to grade and monitor the progress of each student.
  • TeacherEase allows the teacher to combine all their tasks or projects in one location making their work easier.


  • The customizability of TeacherEase is a major letdown. Unlike other competitive software, TeacherEase is not flexible and the teachers have to stick with its design.
  • The customer service of TeacherEase is incredibly hard to get in touch with. You would have to wait for 10 to 15 minutes or more before you can be attended to. This would be a disappointment especially is you encounter a technical difficulty that would need to be solved urgently.
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